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Christoph Wallhorn whitens a wall at the MCC
Christoph Wallhorn whitens a wall at the MCC (Mainzer bikers club) headquarters, which is later to be plastered with xerox-structures.
The idea to use xeroxes for artistic work had its starting point in the (mal)treatment of the copy machine. As a low-cost substiute for films in the silk-screen printing process (posters or wall-papers) and as a cheap means to issue printed information (which SELEKTION had actually done since the beginning of the 80s) its availability to create inifinite series and sequential transformations (if treated) recommended the copy for an experimental use in mmore or less public places.
layers of glue...
Like it was performed in the exchange and transformation of music on compact cassette, the "copy-actions" based on the idea that a number of participants would each develop his/her own set of more or less abstract sequences of copies (which actually meant to discover the non stereotypical functions of the copy-machine...) which later were exchanged between the group members. The material would then undergo further treatement multiplied and exchanged again. These open processes were interrupted by so called "copy-actions", that sometimes planned, sometimes in a more improvised manner used buildings or sites in public space as 3D carriers for copys - as autonomous systems or as accentuation of the given underlying structures.




Selektion : art-organisation and company - Damaschkeanger 112 : D-60488 Frankfurt am Main : Germany

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