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1982 One of the early and rare live appearences of P16.D4 at "Alte Mensa" Mainz. Schönauer (vocals) and Wehowsky (guitar).
Since 1981 PD (Joachim Stender pursued the project for a short time under the old name) was called P16.D4 and "Wahrnehmungen" the label, became SELEKTION. Today's highly developed industrial societies are depending increasingly on systems producing, selecting and chanelling all available information to maintain control. This controlling activity is mainly exerted by institutionalized media, which create signs and symbols, equipe them with sense, select them and, at last, establish conventions. This does not mean social control as selectivity is a matter of pure chance, but rather that it is subject to certain regularities and control processes. Lots of the signals/informations surrounding us will not be perceived, because they don't fit into the conventional patterns of perception. Unexplainable, not immediately interpretable events will be selected and marginalized. Therefore the purpose of SELEKTION's activities is to raise such marginalized signals to the status of perception. We try to emphasize alternative structures of selectivity, x-ray the routine of perception and leave the security of the usual paths. Hence it seems more succesful to explore the possibilities of noise, i.e. "non-musical" materials with "non-musical" techniques than to wave the banner of "music". Which doesn't mean to abandon the enormous possibilites that rock/jazz/classical music supplies as an element amongst others.
(SELEKTION catalogue 1983)



Selektion : art-organisation and company - Damaschkeanger 112 : D-60488 Frankfurt am Main : Germany

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