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S.B.O.T.H.I.: and, LP SLP 017
Contains the sonic work realized after the "Nichts. Niemand. Nirgends. Nie" Double LP. Picture disc with conceptual cover/packaging. - released 1987

Permutative Distorsion: Brückenkopf im Niemandsland, EP RP17 EP.
Early work of a group of people around Ralf Wehowsky. (Limited quantity of the original pressing left). - released 1981



Charly Steiger: Licht/Light, SB II

Achim Wollscheid: selected works

with Essays by Beatrice von Bismarck, Kattrin Deufert, Brandon Labelle, and Minoru Sato

Achim Wollscheid: selected works, 1990-2000 is the first comprehensive look at this multimedia artis and writer's work with interactive electronic art in public space. The book documents such landmark works as Connective Memory, a work installed in a technical high school wich digitally samples and replays the students voices; Nordpol Bruecke, which turns the movement on a pedestrian bridge into an interactive light composition,; Kunitachi Sound Transformation, which involves the live translation of street and traffic sounds into sonic structures; and Clapper System, a flexible network of drums that feeds back the sound of external stimuli. Paperback, 9.75 x 8.25 in., 104 pgs. - 30 color and 40 b&w - 2000

Achim Wollscheid: The Terrorized Term, SB I
Texts on talk, noise, bridging, a few attempts at thinking about the computer as a means, lowland, tv, shifts, installation, paradox or the good lord, ways to, car - radio - contemporary music, feedback-loop, something on the concept of sound installations, copies, boxes, implant, looks, transformation, the new, plagiarism, economics in thinking, staircase - facade - apartment building. 167 pages, paperback. - 1996

Achim Wollscheid: 3 Klanginstallationen
A small (24 pages) documentation on three public-space sound-installations. Texts (German) by Bernd Leukert, Hans-Peter Niebuhr, Gilla Lörcher and (English) Oren Liebermann. - released 1991



Charly Steiger: documentation, V6
Documentation of site-specific light- and Video installations: "Small Times", Video Klang Raum", "Flow", "3/1", "Cycled Sets", "Differing Times", "Transport", "Topographies", "Cuts"

Achim Wollscheid: films, V5
The films (1985 - 1986) on Video: "oroko do", "MZ", "hiatus," "Flieger. rot." - released 1996

Merzbow performing live at Brückenkopf, Mainz, Germany. Light-installation by SELEKTION OPTIK. Video and Video reworking by Achim Wollscheid and M. Behrens. - released 1996



Selektion : art-organisation and company - Hohenstaufenstrasse 8 : D-60327 Frankfurt am Main : Germany

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