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Jean Luc Guionnet & Eric Cordier : SYNAPSES : CD [ SHS005 ]

"Synapses is an instrumental device of combined string instruments (acoustic and electric guitars, detuned piano, spinett-vina, hurdy-gurdy and cello), percussion instruments and metal resonnators --all interconnected with double-bass-, cello- and guitar strings. When one string is played the resulting sound or movement is transfered by the connected strings to the next resonator. Thus one action causes several sound events. In fact, it's impossible to touch one element of the system without getting response of the whole device. Synapses is an hanging sensible network... "


First CD-ROM on SELEKTION !! : M U Z A R C : Music and Architecture
[ muzarc ]

Collected pieces on music and architecture.
The CD-ROM presents an architecture on its own.

For more information follow the link to MUZARC.


Available from SELEKTION : Site of Sound : Of Architecture and The Ear

[ site of sound ]Edited by Brandon LaBelle and Steve Roden Published by Errant Bodies Press in association with Smart Art Press Available direct from the publisher, from DAP and SELEKTION 184 page, 7" x 7" perfect bound, black and white with color cover, with compact disc.

"Site of Sound : Of Architecture and The Ear" is an anthology focusing on current trends in experimental music, sound art and audio theories, featuring writings, visual works, interviews and artist projects by leading experimental composers, sound-artists, and architects whose work concerns itself with architectural and acoustic space, sound sculpture, field/environmental investigation and recording, and site-specificity. Complementing this are theoretical, fictional and diaristic writings by contemporary authors, scientists, cartographers and ecologists.

Architecture and Music have often been theorized as having a stimulating relationship. 20th century composers such as Iannis Xenakis, Edgar Varese, and Karlheinz Stockhausen have composed works in relation to architecture and theories of design, and have even built specific auditoriums in which to perform their works. Further, architects (such as Bruce Goff) often constructed their designs according to musical compositions, theories of harmony and melodic structures. Yet this relationship between sound and space, music and architecture, is often left incomplete, or only hinted at.

"Site of Sound" is a comprehensive anthology documenting and investigating a highly active (though often overlooked) and critical area of sound-art and experimental music which directly addresses this relationship between site and sound. "Site of Sound" brings together a diversity of sound-artists from around the world and from varying traditions and practices. What binds them together is a pervasive commitment to the question of space, the environment and context in relation to sound and music. What distinguishes these artists is their direct involvement with the conditions of their surroundings, and further, how they conceive of and construct their work in relation to these surroundings.

"Site of Sound" includes site-specific projects from such artists as Philip Corner, Tom Marioni and Alison Knowles, leading figures of the historical Fluxus movement; Achim Wollscheid and rlw, artists from Germany and directors of the SELEKTION label, one of the most innovative labels releasing a catalogue of contemporary sound art from Europe and North America, contribute both writings and documentation of site-specific installations along with audio tracks produced specifically for "Site of Sound". In addition, a site-specific work designed by Jake Tilson, a digital artist from England, presents a faux-citation (translated into four languages) for violating "noise pollution" regulations. "Site of Sound" also includes valuable documentation of installations by German artist Christina Kubisch, Danish artist Moniek Darge, and Max Eastley, an artist and sound-sculptor from England.

These art works and projects are complemented by theoretical, diaristic and expository writings by sound artists, audio theorists and architects. From an insightful interview with Pierre Koenig discussing his obsession with music and record buying, poetic meditations by German artist Rolf Julius, Canadian artist and ecologist Hildegard Westerkamp, and Loren Chasse from San Francisco, to scientific investigations by the group WrK from Japan, an obscure group of physicists and artists whose installations and writings explore the relationship between physical phenomena, space and sound.

These writings expand the long debated question of the relationship between sound and space, and lead one to a deeper consideration of the everyday occurrence of sound as a physical and psychological determinant. "Site of Sound" proposes that music has a social dimension, that it exists in relation to a listener and further, that this listener affects music (as well as their environment) through the very act of listening.

Other contributors include Jalal Toufic, John Hudak, Richard Lerman, Giancarlo Toniutti, Steve Peters, David Dunn, Leif Elggren, CM von Hausswolff, Michael Brewster, Christof Migone, Rupert Loydell, and Tim Robinson.


RLW / Lionel Marchetti : Vier Vorspiele / L'Oeil retourné SCD 026

L'Oeil retourné: Musique concrète réalisée 1995/97 au studio du CFMI de Lyon. Voix de tête: Hélene Bettencourt, citations-collages: Roger de la Frayssenet, Kitnabudja Town; RLW, Eyes, Pullover; Josephine Leask in London; Bruno et Lionel marchent dans la montagne, ainsi que divers hasards radiophoniques...
Vier Vorspiele: Realized 1996/98 in Ralfs kitchen, Karlsruhe. Based on Lionels L´Oeil retourné (version 1995) with additional vocals by Dorothea Conradi and quotations from Splintered RLW´s Moraine´s Eyes Pt. 4. Two different pieces, which at the same time complete each other. There is a french poem on the cover...


Brandon LaBelle: Maps of Tenderness SHS 004 CD with 50p booklet (artwork & text)

LaBelle, member of ID-battery and Farflung, works with processed field recordings - result are intense, differently layered sequences of sound - varying from the more fragmentary to the composed. To quote from Brandons liner notes: "The activity of sound-making turns the passive sense of listening into an active response. Listening, as part of sensory-perception, is bound up within the world as part of the processes which define subjectivity and through which subjectivity understands itself in relation to things."


Achim Wollscheid: acts SCD 028

A "documentary" CD. 5 pieces (and 5 texts) that document events that used the participation of "people" or "audience". From very early events (a complete reading of the Ulysses in 5 minutes, 1986) to recent ones (the transformer and "Clapping pieces). Has a hole in the middle"documentary" CD. 5 pieces (and 5 texts) that document events that used the participation of "people" or "audience". From very early events (a complete reading of the Ulys



RLW: TULPASRalf Wehowsky was founder of the group P16.D4 and the label SELEKTION in the eighties. Since the early nineties he releases under the name RLW. For TULPAS he invited some 50 artists to interpret and reflect his pieces. The participants of this project are Action Concret (UK), Artificial Memory Trace (B), Aube (J), Baraka[H] (D), M. Behrens (D), Brume (F), M. Buesser (D), Contrastate (UK), Crawl Unit (USA), P. Duimelinks & R. Meelkop (NL), J. Duncan (NL), W. Durand (D), M. Gendrau (Crawling w. Tarts) (USA), D. Grubbs (USA), Ch. Heemann (D), Husk (UK), Idea Fire Company (USA), R. Ikeda (J), In Be Tween Noise (USA), A Jasenka (LT), R. Kundrotas (LT), K. Kusafuka (J), E. Lanzillotta (USA), F. Lopez (E), L. Marchetti & J. Noetinger (F), K. Marutani (J), Meeuw (NL), Merzbow (J), B. Moreigne (F), N.N. und aehnliche elemente (D), NMF (B), J. O’Rourke (USA), Rehberg & Bauer (A), Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock (CH), B. Russel (NZ), M. Sato (J), J. Smolders (NL), J.P.E.R. Sonntag (D), Ch. Steiger (D), Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (F/D), toy.bizarre (F), J. Thomasius (D), A. Tietchens (D), G. Toniutti (I), E. den Uijl (NL), F. de Waard (NL), J. Watermann (Aus), A. Wollscheid (D).
The 5 CD-set comes in unique packaging, containg a 40 p booklet designed by Charly Steiger. - released 1997


Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock: Psycho-Physical Tests and Trainings SHS 003

[ Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock ]Rudolf Ebner and his crew from Zurich, Switzerland are training their minds and bodies since orver 10 years to an unbelievable extent. Their second release on SELEKTION features memorable live performances from Tainan (Taiwan), February 1996 in its entire langth plus additional live recordings from Leeds, Tokyo, Zurich, Nottingham, and Taipai - and the crowds went crazy. - released 1997


MS/Tsunoda: ful SHS 002

MS/Tsunoda: ful"ful" by Minory Sato and Toshiya Tsunoda is the recording of the different states of a sound which developed in and about a room over the period of 60 minutes. At this given time the resonating room was the material which was "played" by the recording. With a contact microphone attached to the room's window, the sounds which derived from the changes of athospheric pressure were recorded. These sounds were amplified and at once replayed into the room resulting in a more or less intensified presence of feedback. - released 1996


Achim Wollscheid: moves SCD 020

Achim Wollscheid: moves"Once I had the idea to play a house. My plan was, to install computer generated "clappers" at all available windows of a deserted industrial complex, thus transforming the building into a poly-rhythm-box. This plan coundn't be realized. Nevertheless I pursued the concept, to activate the resonance frequencies of given objects in a space in order to arrive at site- and space-specific compositions which change with every place and given situation." - released 1996


Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock: Morx & Kotschlag, CD SHS 001

Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock: Morx & "Morx & Kotschlag" is not only the title of the CD, but also of the unique 74 min track of the acoustical "Aktions-theater". The piece includes recordings of direct body actions and abstract sounds, the latter often deriving from the first by means of an elaborated short-cut technique. - released 1994



RLW :14, CD SCD 014

RLW :14The CD includes 14 tracks recorded by Ralf Wehowsky over a period of 14 years, completely reworked in 1993. Artwork by Rudolv Ebner. "14" reflects continuity and development in Wehowsky's work, embracing discontinuity as a main principle of h is artistic approach. - released 1993



MERZBOW/Wollscheid: 11 Live Collaborations, CD SCD 010

[ MERZBOW/Wollscheid: 11 Live Collaborations ]Masami Akita and Achim Wollscheid recorded one piece in 11 different versions on 9 different dates, live in Tokyo, July 1992. - released 1992




RLW: ACHTRalf Wehowsky, founding member of P16.D4, continues the group's work after its disbandment, transfiguring the standards set by P16.D4 into the domain of digital sound production. - released 1992




[ SELEKTION: COMPROMIZE ]This compilation contains 13 tracks representing the state of things in SELEKTION's audio production in 1991 / 92 and the diverse approaches to sound organization by the SELEKTION members at that time. Featuring among others: A. Wollscheid, P16.D4's last and RLW's first recording. - released 1992



SLP: SLP, CD and book SCD 004

A 32 pages book/object combining artwork, information and CD. SLP as a musical piece consists of a quadrophonical sound installation, composition and computer processing, in which four turntables playing side 4 of the P16.D4 double-LP "NNNN!" are used for live recycling. - released 1991


P16. D4: acRID acME, CD SCD 002

P16. D4: acRID acMEThis CD includes recordings dating form 1986 to 1988 and is divided into 4 sections: 1. "1981", based on material recorded in '81 and recomposed in '87. 2. "1987" contains compositions featured on the "Captured Music" Festival, rearranged for the release. "Musique Concrète Improvisée," with direct to tape improvisations from 1988. "P16.D4 and Merzbow", a collaboration based on the idea of Materialaustausch, the exchange of sonic materials. Includes afull color booklet. - released 1989



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