Basically everything reverberates - not only sound, but also matter, be it fluid like water or solid like concrete. Any movement causes ripples in neighboring matter and creates more or less extensive shifts in its constellations.

We are aware of this, sometimes, and - in an ecological reading of the world - the issue of our actions causing effects that feed back on us, has become commonplace.

Though this kind of "interfacing" with our environment usually deals with practical issues, such as the production of goods, their transport, consumption and recycling, meaning activities that require some kind of "hands to" approach, the advent of digital technology has introduced a decisive change in this. Suddenly - by means of recording, analyzing and transforming - machines can act out orders on command. The spoken (or written) word transforms into action. The demarcation line between the profane, the realm of deeds, and the symbolical, the realm of the word, gets blurred. As, seemingly, everything becomes code (and coded)  it might be of a certain interest to hear what code sounds like when it is enlarged and amplified, resolved from the boundaries of a protected dialogue between one man and one machine.


intersonori records the voices of the visitors to the merchati generali and transforms the respective sonic profile into layers of percussive events over the market area. An array of computer generated drums bangs glass, iron or steel in what is left of the architectural structures along main road.



Sept. 15th, 03