While the common modes of broadcasting, distributing of sound and the way we listen to it seem to be changing rapidly it may make sense to tune into that process and give way to a flexible organisation of sound.


60xX is an abbreviated and recomposed version of a 2 hour broadcast on Frankfurt based RadioX. A 60 min version was broadcast on resonance fm, London in 2002. The basic track for 60xX was recorded live 22.09.02 at RadioX, Frankfurt. For my live mixes I use 3 CD players and a tape deck + a laptop with sampling software (written in PD - www.pure-data.org). For this broadcast I used samples from Mark Trayle, Phill Niblock, Keiko Uenishi, John Kannenberg, , Asmus Tietchens, Frans de Waard , M'ou Lips (I used the track "Sounding table in vaticano" from the album "Peanuts and shells geometria"), Jan Jacob Hofmann, John Hudak, Kozo Inada, Ian Andrews, Tod Dockstaedter. The 2 hour Radio X broadcast has been re-edited for resonance fm 8/9.10.02